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Sipan 2007

Sipan Osman 01/03/2005, London, England.

Sebhan  and  Sipan 05.04.83
Believe it or not the small boy is me "Sipan" with my sister.

 sipan on Karl Marx grave
Sipan on Karl Marx's grave 2002

Hello my dear visitors, my name is Sipan OSMAN.  I am from Kurdistan  originally, (which some hostile countries call it Northen Iraq, South East turkey, North syria, or western Iran).
My hobbies includes:
 I enjoy reading books on Philosophy, Society, History, Culture, Science  and Relgion related topics, I very much like books on astronomy and science fiction.
In  my free time i am listening to a variaty type of music, playing chess and watching TV ( I love documentry) .
I have been out of Kurdistan for over 13 years, My first language is Kurdish, I also speak English and Arabic, I am graduate from University of Leeds, I got a Joint Honours degree in Sociology & Philosophy.
Culturally I would say I belong to neither, Eastern nor Western culture, I am lost in the middle, but I take this as an advantage, because I can understand and adapt to both cultures and accept their way of thinking easily.  Unsurprisingly, I condemn them both, i.e. I am not happy with either of them. I disapprove Western Capitalism, Hypocrisy and the tolerance of the intolerance.
 Equally, I dislike Easterns (Middle Eastern) backwardness. Narrow mindedness, cultural and religious  Supermacy,  intolerance and irrationality.
My relgious belief: fortunately, I dont have one.
 I am an Atheist with respect to Judaism, Christanity and Islam God.
Political View: I consider myself being very liberal.I love communisim and marxism ideology, i think the theory is great but it has never been implemented correctly, i believe it can be modified and improved, but it is certainly a good theory.
I hate capitalism, and dislike Western and Islamic hypocracy, i think they are immoral and deserve to fight each other as much as they like.
 I am an atheist in case of Monotheistic religions. This is because i may not be able to prove God non-existance, but equally they( the religious people) cannot prove god's existence. and the difference is that its them who are claiming that there is such a being and they attribute qualities/features/characteristics and descriptions to Him. and therefore they are the one who are responsble to prove that there is such Being, not us the atheist to prove the non-existence of the non-existent (i.e. Mythical Figure, God)
 All evidence indicate that there is no such divine being (God) with features described or attributed to this Mythical figure (God) in all Western Ibrahamic religions.  GOD Definition
Some Philosophy are described or labelled as religion, eg Zoroastrianism, i love philosophy but I hate religion. The major problem with Religion is that it claims to know the truth and have almost answers to everything (according to religion God is responsible for everything in cosmo), where as philosophy never make such claim and in fact it encourages doubting everything including one's own senses. philosophy encourage you to think critically and question your own beliefs.  i will later describe in details what is the different between the two.
( I ll continue writing more on the topic above another day, So come back again) Meanwhile Click Here to Read more about Apostasy

What do I think of Muslim women who cover their faces? Especially those (tents) who are visting or living in Europe or Americas? I think those women who cover their face are Mentally ill ( they are sick people who are in need of psychological treatment) their aim of wearing this is to be very offensive to the rest of society and women in particular. But i do not blame them for what they do? I blame and condemn European hypocrits who tolerate this under the lie of Multiculturalism, and  cultural relativism. Any Women who wear this oppressive sign should not be allowed to enter any European countries, If you dont want anyone to see your face or if you are ashamed of how you look(because this might be the case) then simply stay home forever, until you are rotten (but not on State benefits as many of you do)  Listen to this  

What do I think of Mohammadan cult (Islam)?
"Muslims don't corrupt Islam. Islam corrupts them" sepcifically Quran corrupt islmaists and Mohammedans.
NOTHING needs to be added to this FACT!

Muslims should be ashmed of Quran, and the first people to condemn it. Quran is an insult to Muslims' minds before anyone else's mind.

The problem is that  Mohammedans (Muslims) are mentally deformed people, irrational and ignorant bigots. Unfortunately they dont have the capacity to recognize the fact that Quran is an insult to their mind and conscience. so therefore they are mentally deformed people.  Islam or Mohammadan cult is a hate and terror preaching ideology that need to be tackled and defeated.

If Muslims want to be respected. they first thing they should  do is to abolished Quran alrogether or at least they should re- write ( reform/ modify ) it, so that it no longer reflect irrational hatred and teaching of  terror and war towards the Non-Muslims.  click on  Quran Exposed  and judge it for yourself.
Quran should certainly be banned in Western Democracies. it is a threat to human conscience. it is book of intolerance and descrimination. it is no more than a manual to irrationlity and barbarism. It is a manual to terrorism, Quranic verses  are the creator of terrorists.
This evil ideology (Islam) should not be exempted from criticism, because Islam's main enemy is truth and knowlege. Islam can only survive and florish in Darkness, in intellectually backward, irrational and intolerant societies.  
Where ever Quran's teaching (Sharia) is implemented you will see barbarism in action, look at Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gaza, etc.
Finally, I truelly believe that Islam and Quran cannot be reformed, i think the only solution is to abolish and forbid Quran and Islam altoegther. Quran should only be treated as a mythological book not more, if it is to remain on any library shelves.
However, I am very optimistic, because  Islam and Quran's  days are numbered and eventullay it will collapse and be defeated and the truth will prevail.
Islam is not a holy and peace loving religion as it has always been alleged to be, nothing has benefied  islam more than  Herd Mentality and Darkness.
If any of you think i am exagerating the evilness of Islam and Quran, then read it for your self.

Damn Political Correctness, Damn Cultural Sensitivity, Damn Cultural Relativity,  Damn Multiculturism (when one culture is backward, barbaric and intolerant such as Islam).

‘’It has lengthened life; It has mitigated pain; it has extinguished diseases; it has increased the fertility of the soil; it has given new securities to the marine; it has furnished new arms to the warriors; it has spanned great rivers and estuaries with bridges of form unknown to our fathers; it has guided the thunderbolt innocuously from the haven to earth; it has lighted up the night with the splendour of the day; it has extended the range of human vision; it has multiplied the power of human muscles; it has accelerated motion; it has annihilated distance; it has facilitated intercourse, correspondence, all friendly offices, all dispatch of business; it has enable man to descend the depths of the sea, to soar into the air, to penetrate securely into the noxious recesses of the earth , to traverse the land in cars which whirl along without horses, to cross the ocean in ships which run ten knots an hour against the wind. These are but a part of its fruits; for it is a philosophy which never rests, which has never attained, which is never perfect. Its law is progress’’ Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1837 (on what science is?)

I am busy these days with my study but I will soon carry on updating my Website.  So wait and see, and I will update it with my Philosophy.

if you want to contact me please to write to me on the  following  electronic adderss .




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