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Bixr Hatin Bo Malaper Min

Hello everyone! My name is Sipan, and I am an Atheist/Humanist from Kurdistan, i.e. I am a Kurdistani Atheist.  I am really proud of being an Atheist and I think it is very shameful and madness to believe in any cult or religion or have a blind faith in this era, I also believe that the world would have been a far better place to live in, if three people were never born, namely Mohammad, Juses and Moses, they have divided humanity into hostile camps and are resposible for the death of millions. 
This Website like millions of other sites will be dedicated to reveal the true face of religion and those who claim to represent the alleged God. I first published it in 1999 (and it is in a state of continuous update). if you would like to comment on it, Please feel free to E-mail me  at  [ sipan512@hotmail.com ].

Richard Dawkins defines what God is

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Professor Michio Kaku on Human Civilization

Religion is irrational in its nature, I would therefore, not like to live in an irrational (Religious) soceity, where religious values and practices are widespread and practiced.
Scientists never claim that they know answers  to everythings in the universe.
Unlike science, religion claim that they know answers to everthing where in fact they do not. they claim that the alleged God (Mythical Figure)  is responsible or explains everything in the Universe.
I, Sipan Osman hereby strongly condemn all superstitions (Religions) because
Relgions do not allow a Free, Critical, Rational and a Healthy Thinking, which involve doubting and questioning.
I adopt everything that Professor Richard Dawkins says, He argues for my line of thinking. we belong to the same school of thought. A school where only claims that  are based on Scientific evidence and observation are discussed and accepted, while absolute certainty, dogma, superstition, irrationality, occult  and mythology do not have a place  and  are rejected.

I reaffirm everything Mr Pat Condell says, he is saying everything I wanted to say, he is very truthful, brave and honest Englishman who does not tolerate "intolerance" and who deserves full respect. I wish everyone could have said what they believed in. without having to be Politically Correct.

Below are my favorite list of heroes

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Submission ( a Great Movie by His Excellency Mr Theo Van Gogh)

You will always live.
Hero of the Centuy Mr Theo Van Gogh

In the Memory of the Great Hero  and Martyr of the Century  Mr Theo Van Gogh
Your sin was the saying of the "Truth" Islam's enemy No 1.
Theo Van Gogh, it is a great honor for me to display your picture on my Website.
Islam can only survive in Darkness, Its true friend is Ignorance and herd mentality. the true enemy of any religion and in particular of Islam is "Knowlege" and "Truth".  Islam is not only a threat to the Western but to all other Civilizations.
Some would suggest that Islam clash with Western Civilizations. the truth is that Islam clash  all other civilizations not only with Western or European civilization but with Hindu, Chinese, African, indigenous Americans and all other civilizations.  if the problem did not lied within  the Islamic culture and values itself, then we would have seen clash of civilizations between European and Africans, African and Chinese, Chinese and Western etc , but since no of such cultural clash exist between those mentioned civilizaions except with islam. Islam has a problem, i refain myself  from calling Islam "a civilization" because it is not, it is a barbaric stone age cultures, with intolerant  barbaric values.
What do i think of Quran? I think Quran is an insult to Muslim minds and conscience before to anyone else.
Evidence and research suggest and indicate that Islam can only survive in less intellectually developed societies, in other word, religion can only survive in backward and less educated, of intellectually healthy societies. people with less intelligence are more likely to be decieved by religion, there are overwhelming evidence to support such claims.
Why do i focus on Islam so much and condemn it? The reason i condemn Islam, is because i love and care about muslims, i want them to be freed from this evil ideology called "Islam".
Muslims are not born Evil they are turned into evil by Quran's teaching of hate and terror.
One cannot deny the fact that there is a corrolation between Islam and backwardness, Islam and Violence, Islam and Intolerance. Islam and Dictiorship, Islam and War, Islam and Unequailty, Islam and Irrationality, Islam and the Hate of others, Islam and terror,  Islam and Barbarism. Islam and Darkness, etc. 
 Islam and Quran Corrupts Muslims and  NOT the other way around.
 I believe that the true victims of Islam are Muslims themselves, Islam does not in any way serves Muslims or their interests but does them far more harm than any good, however and unfortuantely they are incapable of realizing this true fact.
If Muslims want to be respected by the rest of the world, the first thing, they must do is to reform their religion by re-writing (modifying) the current version of Quran ,  so that  hatred and violence against non-Muslims is no longer reflected and preached in Quran , i.e a Quran where violence and hate is no longer reflected on its pages is of urgent necessity , a new Quran is of urgent need if Muslim truely want peace with the rest of humanity. the so called "islamic scholar" (again i refain my self from calling them "scholars" because they are bigots and hypocrits) must abolish Quran or reform (re-write) it if they truely care about  their people, This is because Quran distort Muslims image and turn them into evils, it teaches them to fight and hate non-muslims. the verse below is just one of hundred of hate teaching verse in the so called "Holy" Quran. Muslims themselve should abolish Quran altogether or at least remove such verse,  the verse such as the one below can only be justfied by a faciest. anyboday who consider Quran as holy must be mentally sick whether they are muslim or not. 
Quran: Chapter 9. At-Taubah (Repentance) verse 29:
29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah[] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
Jizyah: is tax levied from the non-Muslim people(Jews and Christians etc) who are under the protection of Musim government.
We are lucky and must be pleased that not all Muslims follow the draconian and barbaric teaching of Quran. However if Muslims do not follow what Quran teaches them, then they are considered not true, loyal and good  Muslims according to Quran, Islam and the Mosque. so for them to be good they need first to be evil to satisfy their religion and Holy book.
Where ever the source of a consitituation is Quran (Sharia) you will see barbarism in action, look at Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Taliban Afghanistan etc. Taliban were the real Mohammadan, they were implementing the true form of Islam, Talabian were practicing Quranic values and teaching, which included stonning  women  to death. and beheading,  amputation and all the rest of Islamic and Quran's niceties. 
24. An-Nr (The Light) 
2. The woman and the man guilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allh, if you believe in Allh and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allh's Law)[]
what an evil Allah is that who want to stone people to death, I ask? can anyone explain it?

So who says stonning to death is un Islamic?  Taliban were real Mohammedian, they were implementing
Quranic verses, so why do we blame them and accuse them of being evil, and say that Quran is Holy and is not evil? 
Are not we Hypocrites in the West? any book that teach hate and terror should be banned.
shame on all those who consider Quran a book of peace and love. 
Ouran order Muslims to never seek peace when they are strong, Quran tells them not to be weak and ask for peace, but fight until you impose your values on non muslims . so never trust that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and Quran a holy book and that real Muslims want peace, because if they do want peace they will be beaking their religion's teaching .
Quran: Chapter 47. Muhammad or Al-Qitl
35. So be not weak and ask not for peace (from the enemies of Islm), while you are having the upper hand. Allh is with you, and will never decrease the reward of your good deeds.
Finally I think if there is God (even though i strongly blieve that God does not exist  or at least I do not believe there is a God as being described and definied in Bible and Quran) but if we assume just for a moment that there is a God, then the true enemy of  such God would be religion, and especially Quran and Bible are the true enemy of God, this is because God is depicted as a torturer and a blood thristy Being who cannot wait to punish and torture his creatures/man. A god who enjoy puting his childern in the Fire of hell. what an evil God could that be? i ask?
I also blieve that Islam and Quran cannot be reformed this is because reform would mean abolishing so many verses in Quran and this would result in the argument that Quran is not the word of God and hence will lose its authority. Reforming Quran would also put so many new questions on Mohammed prophecy and his alleged revealtion . the consquence would be catastrophic and filled with contradiction for islam as whole. the olny solution is  would be abandoning Islam altogether and abolishing Quran entirely,
I welcome Swiss people's decision to ban Minarets but I think they should have first banned Quran, because Quran is filled with hate towards non-Muslims. Mosques need to be banned as well, because Mosques are the places where lectures of hatred  are given to Muslim about non-muslims, Muslims are told by Imams that their way of life and values are better then the values of Corrupt non-muslims West. Minarets in West are built as a  symbol of power and authority of Sharia. banning Quran must be the next step if we truely want justices and respect. 
Last but not least, Is God is real?? of course not, we have created the concept of God in our imagination. i.e we are the creator of God and not the other way around, we have attributed all our good qualities to a mythical figures called God, to give ourselves a hope that life does not end at death, and that there is afterlife, we have deluded and deceived ourselve with a false wishingly hope.  
Sipan Osman 2005  


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Mr Geert Wilders wants no Mosque on Ground Zero. I want NO Mosques any where in the world. Mosques are the place where the fascist (Hate and killing preaching book) Koran is taught. Stand up and say NO to Fascism ( Quran, Islam and Mosque)

Below is the story of three Great scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers and physicians and the poet who disputed and doubt Mohammad's claim about his alleged prophecy and revealation, about a millennium ago. Very brave heroes who deserve all due respect.

 Ibn Al Razi  http://www.answers.com/topic/al-razi 
Razi (born c. 865-925, in Persia) wrote three books dealing with religion; they were: The Prophets' Fraudulent Tricks (Arabic مخارق الانبياء), The Stratagems of Those Who Claim to Be Prophets (Arabic حيل المتنبيين), and On the Refutation of Revealed Religions (Arabic نقض الادیان). He offered harsh criticism concerning religions, in particular those religions that claim to have been revealed by prophetic experiences.


Ibn Al Rawandi  http://www.answers.com/topic/ibn-al-rawandi
 (Born 827 – 911)
From the Encyclopedia of Islam[5]: "The plentiful extracts from the K. al-Zumurraudh provide a fairly clear indication of the most heterodox doctrine of Ibn al-Rawandi, that of which posterity has been least willing to forgive him: a biting criticism of prophecy in general and of the prophecy of Muhammad in particular; he maintains in addition that religious dogmas are not acceptable to reason and must, therefore, be rejected; the miracles attributed to the Prophets, persons who may reasonably be compared to sorcerers and magicians, are pure invention, and the greatest of the miracles in the eyes of orthodox Muslims, the Quran, gets no better treatment: it is neither a revealed book nor even an inimitable literary masterpiece. In order to cloak his thesis, which attacks the root of all types of religion, Ibn al-Rawandi used the fiction that they were uttered by Brahmans. His reputation as irreligious iconoclast spread in the 4th/10th century beyond the borders of Muslim literature."
Arguments relating to the primacy of the intellect
God has bestowed upon human beings the gift of intellect, by which they can judge right and wrong. If what the prophets announce corresponds to what the intellect decrees, then prophets are superfluous. If it contradicts what the intellect decrees, then one should not listen to them.
It is generally agreed among Muslims that Ibn al-Rawandi was indeed a heretic, but there is no agreement as to the nature of his heresy. Some look for the roots of his heresy in his connections with Shi'ism, and depict him as a Mutazilite gone wild; some regard him as an Aristotelian philosopher, while others see him as a radical atheist, and some stress the political challenge he presented to the Islamic polity.

Omar Kayyam  http://www.answers.com/topic/omar-khayyam
Below are some quatrains of the greatest rationalist ever lived Kayyam (Born c. 1048 c. 1122)

 To Drink, to laugh is my religion
freedom from religion is my religion!
I asked the heaven about Hers, She said:
Why, your irreligion is my religion.
Do not riot in tavern; abide there without brawling,
Sell your turban, sell your Koran to buy wine, then hurry
past the mosque without going in.
The Koran! well, come put me to the test-
Lovely old book in hideous error drest-
Believe me, I can quote the Koran too,
The unbeliever Knows his Koran best.
So since with all my passion and my skills,
The World's mysterious meaning mocks me still,
Shall I not piously believe that I
Am kept in darkness by heavenly will?
Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
Before we too into dust descend;
Dust into Dust and under Dust to lie,
Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singers and - sans End! 
If it is a sin to drink the yellow wine (beer)
The sin is surely His not thine or mine;
Fated to drink, how dare I disobey-
And bring to nought the prophecy divine!
If I  were God, I would not wait the years
To solve the mystery of human tears;
And, unambigious, I would speak my will,
Nor hint it darkly to the dreaming seers.
We made the mouth of a jar our place of prayer, the
ruby wine made us seem truly men;
it is better to be in the steet of tavern,
than to leave life to wither in the mosque.
Lo, the season of roses is at hand, and then it delights me
to defy the law of Koran with budding girls of tulip cheeks;
for measure of five days my cups shall convert
the green grass into beds of tulips.
They tell us that the moon of Ramazan is close at hand,
that we must forswear wine. Well and good, then I propose
at the end  of feast to drink so deep that
I shall be drunken to the very end of the sacred month. 
If I were God! this I ! - a poor old man,
Whose heaven is wine, whose hell is Ramadan;
Poor dizzy head within a reeling  world,
Poor trembling hand - the steadfast heaven to span!
Cease babbling of the Koran, cupbearer, give me free
quarter at the wine house, O cupbearer; the night of those
free quarters at the inn shall be my night of nights, O cupbearer.
I can  renonce all, but wine - never. 
I can console myself for all else, but for wine- never.
is it possible for me to become a good mussulman,
and to give up old wine? - Never.
Look not above, there is no answer there;
Pray not, for no one listens to your prayer;
NEAR is as near to God as any FAR,
And HERE is just the same deceit as THERE
From God's own hand this earthly vessel came,
He shaped it thus, be it for fame or shame;
If it be fair - to God be all the praise,
If it be foul - to God alone be all blame 

Our wildest wrong is part of His great Right,
Our Weakness is the shadow of His might,
Our Sins are His, forgiven long ago,
To make His Mercy more exceeding bright.
Drunkards! so be it - yet, if all were wise,
All would be drunk like us, with dreaming eyes:
Poor sober world, so doleful all the day,
Leave mosque and mart, and join our Paradise.
Who set this wine-cup in my willing way?
Who made this woman of enchanted clay?
When gods decree such difficult commands,
They  should give too the power to obey.
This tavern-wisdom was not made for all,
The congregation of the great is small,
Drink not with every wine-flown Hatim Tai,
Nor lift thy cup to every noisy call.
The wine-cup is the little silver well,
Where Truth, if Truth there be, doth ever dwell;
Death too is there, - and Death who would not seek? -
And Love that in itself is Heaven and Hell.
Old Kayyam, say you, is a debauchee;
If only you were half so good as he!
He sine no sins  but gentle drunkenness,
Great - Heartd mirth, and kind adultery.


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